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DSP2000 Acoustic Hailing Speaker


● Peak SPL(100m):2115dB2. Rated SPL(100m):285dB
● Effective frequency range:500Hz~5kHz(-10dB)
● STIPA value:20.80@100m
● Radiation angle:≤25° horizontal ×30° vertical(-6dB,2kHz)
● Effective ground broadcasting distance:24Km
● Listening intelligibility:≥80%
● Continuous working time:26h
● Net weight:≤100kg
● Dimensions:≤990mm×500mm×330mm

  • Introduction
  • Specification



MAX. SPL. (100m)

≥115dB (System built-in dispersing sound)

Rated SPL. (100m)

≥85dB (Distortion limited maximum SPL.)

Effective Frequency Range

500Hz~5kHz (-10dB)



Radiation Angle

≤ Horizontal 25° × Vertical 30° (-6dB, 2kHz)

Ground Effective Broadcast Distance


Listening Intelligibility


Continuous Working Time


Net Weight

≤155kg (with PTZ)

Dimensions (W×H×D)


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