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MAG2430 Help Intercom Extended Controller


● Aluminum alloy panel and phoenix connection interfaces, with novel appearance and stable structure;
● High-performance processor,one-click help call function with fast response and indicator display;
● Built-in 2 W monitor speaker,high-fidelity and strong-directional capacitive MIC;
● Support RS485 date transmission protocol, the Max transmission distance of the help panel and
● the network player is ≤1500 meters (If the distance is exceeded, external DC power supply is needed);
● Call transfer function when busy, can automatically page idle network intelligent pager;
● Network host can automatically records intercom content for easy reference;
● 1 network address terminal can extend 15 intercom exteneded controllers;
● With 2 short circuit inputs, 2 EMC outputs for triggering monitor and access control system;
● With 1 auxiliary output of pickup audio, can be recorded in real time with monitor system.
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