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Comparison Between Paperless Conference System and Traditional Conference Mode

Since the rise of the smart paperless conference system, a considerable number of software and hardware providers with strong research and development capabilities have been cultivated. The market competition is relatively sufficient and the technology has developed rapidly, which shows that China's paperless conference system technology has matured day by day. Although the paperless conference will have a large investment cost in the early stage, these construction expenditures can be reused. Whether it is the purchase of equipment or the establishment of a software system, it has a longer service life, which is more economical than the continuous expenditure of the traditional conference mode.


Meeting stage: Traditional conference system (T) / Paperless conference system (P)

Pre-meeting preparation:

(T): The preparation process of paper materials and nameplates before the meeting is cumbersome, with heavy workload and lack of adaptability


Manual management of venue ranking, poor mobility and low efficiency

(P): Adopt a new generation of ultra-thin LCD touch screen terminal, flexible all-digital touch operation, realize electronic reading of conference materials, all electronic version of conference materials can be browsed and operated on the terminal and can be zoomed in and zoomed out to clarify user functions and authorization

After the ranking information is set on the server side, it is directly updated to each terminal without manual intervention

Meeting process:

(T): Sign-in, voting, discussion, video, data services and other systems are independent of each other, with large scale and poor integration

Participants need to operate multiple sets of equipment (audio, video, file operations, etc.) when interacting, which increases the difficulty of using the system

The desktop layout of the participants is complicated, and there are many and messy items

Speech information is concentrated on the traditional large screen, which is difficult for those who are far away to watch, and it is inconvenient for real-time interaction

It is difficult to record the modification of materials during the meeting, and the discussion process cannot be saved

Poor communication between participants and service staff

(P):The paperless terminal integrates various conference service functions, and one terminal meets various needs of participants

Participants only operate paperless terminals, the software interface is simple and smooth, and users can operate audio, video, meeting topics and other functions by touching the screen with their fingers, which is simple and convenient

With ultra-thin LCD screen, the desktop becomes neat and orderly, beautiful and generous

Participants can operate their personal terminals to adjust the best viewing angle and no longer worry about the distance

The archiving method can be freely selected

The conference call is completed with one key, no longer disturbing the conference process

Paper hazard:

(T): Paper materials may lead to material leakage, security cannot be guaranteed, pose a serious threat to high-end confidential meetings, and may cause heavy losses

Paper materials cannot be reused, waste resources, and are not conducive to environmental protection and low carbon

(P): Conference materials browsing and downloading permissions are controlled by administrators

Original confidentiality scheme to ensure information security

Hack-resistant design keeps meetings undisturbed

Realize paperless, fully promote e-government, and truly realize green, energy saving and environmental protection


Moreover, with the intensification of the global integration process, people's requirements for communication, collaboration and efficiency improvement in conference rooms have become very urgent. The national policy vigorously promotes the process of paperless conferences, the United Nations realizes paperless conferences, and China vigorously reports the practicability of paperless conferences. The overall environmental requirements of high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection make paperless conference systems imperative.

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