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Three Common Configuration Ways of Meeting Room Microphone System

Meeting room microphone seems to be a simple individual, but in fact, it is a powerful meeting room microphone system composed of a variety of rich equipment. The room microphone can play its greatest advantage only when it is configured according to the different needs of customers. Currently, the main ways to room microphone are as follows:

1.    Meeting Room Microphone +Sound Console

The main type of conference microphone + sound console is mainly used in the occasion where the requirement of sound quality is high. It has the advantage of sound color reduction, but the number of microphones in this way should not be too much. If the number of conference microphones increases, the problem of screaming is unavoidable. If the problem is solved by processing equipment, not only the sound quality is sacrificed, but also the transmission gain cannot be lifted. In this way, the advantages of this configuration mode are also turned into disadvantages. Secondly, if the processor is added to resist the scream, the overall cost will increase, and the cost-effective ratio is not as high as the other two ways. Thirdly, as the most traditional way of conference speech, its functions cannot be extended, such as intelligent conference management, video tracking, simultaneous interpretation, and other functions. At present, this method still has practical application, mainly for the lecture hall, training hall and other places.

2.    Meeting Room Microphone + Intelligent Mixer or Conference Microphone + Audio Processor

Meeting room microphone + Intelligent mixer is mainly used in occasions where the number of microphones is large (more than 5), and the cost of the project is not too high. The advantages of this configuration lie in restraining the scream to a certain extent, at the same time, it can manage the microphone on the conference site intelligently. Video tracking function can be realized through central control or video tracking processing, but the shortcomings are obvious. Firstly, each microphone needs a microphone line. The more microphones there are, the more wires need to be laid out, and the workload of construction and debugging is huge. Although the sound gain has been improved to a certain extent, the effect of sharing more than a dozen microphones is not ideal. Once again, although the intelligent management of the conference site has been realized, it is still necessary to use other functional equipment to expand the functional requirements of other conference sites, and the cost-effective ratio is not too high. This method is mainly used in small conference rooms, large interactive training rooms, reception halls and other places where the number of people is not very large, audio and video signals need to be recorded.

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