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MAG6402 Network PA System On-Demand Terminal


● Fully digital design, with hi-fi and high speech transmission index
● Built-in offline local timed playing function backed up in SD card automatically;
● Clear digital display with real-time clock or progress time by setting;
● Support demanding host’s program by connecting with 86 boxes demand color screen;
● Built-in USB display, one AUX input, one MIC input and one AUX output;
● Two override output interfaces: external EMC 24V and short circuit of dry contact;
● Built-in 2*25w high efficiency digital power amplifier
● With grade 8+ priority function; the local mic. With priority and muting function;
● Clear status with four signal lights; user-friendly with 8 shortcut keys.
  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

The network PA system on-demand terminal MAG6402 is a touch panel with luxurious design and TFT true color screen display. It is equipped with the basic operation function of the host, including sound source choosing and etc. It is able to play the voice files chosen by the host, and also able to choose the files that stored in the host for play. With remote control, it is easy and convenient to install and use for many places.



Input Voltage


Input Current(24V)


Power Consumption


Standby Power Consumption


Infrared Ray Control Distance



Line Transmission Distance


Data Interface



Play Mode, Volume Control, Zone On/Off, File Selection, Screen Calibration, Paging, etc

Display Screen

320*240 3.2inch True Color Screen


86×86×10(Base not included)

Net Weight

110g(Including Installation Box)

MAG6402  Network PA System On-Demand Terminal

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