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The Difference Between Video Conferencing System Hardware and Software

Video conferencing systems can be divided into: software video conferencing systems and hardware video conferencing systems.


Ⅰ. The video conferencing system is easy to use

1. Hardware products: This is the traditional advantage of hardware solutions, which is easy to use and conforms to the traditional usage habits of users.

2. Software products: On the one hand, with the popularization of computers and Internet applications, people are becoming more and more familiar with and accustomed to computer applications; on the other hand, software products fully consider the convenience and friendliness of products in terms of technical design and function realization, so that most users can use it immediately without special training.

Ⅱ. The price of the video conferencing system

1. Hardware products: one-time purchase is expensive. And because a certain amount of bandwidth is required, users will pay for bandwidth access for a long time.

2. Software products: The product price is only a fraction of the hardware product, or even lower. Existing network conditions can be fully utilized.

Ⅲ. Technical update of video conferencing system

1. Hardware products: The life cycle of hardware products is about 3 years, and technology is being updated every day, and dedicated hardware equipment cannot catch up with the pace of hardware technology development. Hardware updates or replacement with new upgrade modules would be expensive and inconvenient to implement.

2. Software products: Any new technology application and function enhancement can be updated for users in time, anytime and anywhere, very convenient. The upgrade price of the product is much lower than that of the hardware product.

Ⅳ. Data collaboration of video conferencing system

1. Hardware products: Early hardware products did not provide data collaboration functions; currently some high-end hardware manufacturers need to add special modules to their systems, requiring additional PCs to support this function, and the system connection is complicated.

2. Software product: It has an integrated data collaboration function, and can provide various functions such as document sharing, electronic whiteboard, collaborative browsing, and text communication.

Ⅴ. Deployment and expansion of video conferencing system

1. Hardware products: According to the requirements of the MCU, the number of deployment points for hardware products is limited.

2. Software products: According to the server and bandwidth requirements, the number of users can reach hundreds or even thousands.

Ⅵ. Portability of video conferencing system


1. Hardware products: Most hardware products are used in fixed conference rooms. At present, some video conferences on the market support desktop terminals, but these are greatly limited in use, function, and efficiency.

2. Software products: You can use your laptop to hold video conferences through the Internet (or IP network) anytime and anywhere.

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