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Background Music of Pa Speaker System

Pa speaker system covers a wide range of areas, from shopping malls, schools, hotels, stations, wharves, squares to venues, theatres, gymnasiums and so on, all of which are closely related.

1.1In civil architecture design, the broadcasting system can be divided into the following categories:
A、Pa speaker system for public areas (shopping malls, stations, wharves, shopping malls, restaurants, corridors, classrooms, etc.) and parking lots.

This system is mainly used for voice broadcasting, so clarity is the most important. Moreover, this system usually broadcasts background music and can be converted to emergency broadcasting in case of disasters or emergencies.

B.Pa speaker system for hotel rooms.

This system includes room audio broadcasting and emergency broadcasting. It is usually delivered by the bedside cabinet in the room. The room broadcasting contains many bands which can be freely chosen. In emergency broadcasting, room broadcasting is automatically interrupted and switched to emergency broadcasting.

C.Hall sound reinforcement system represented by the auditorium, theatre, and gymnasium.

B、This is a professional sound reinforcement system. It not only considers the electroacoustic technology but also involves architectural acoustics. Both of them should be considered as a whole and should not be neglected. This kind of broadcasting system often has the requirement of comprehensive and multi-purpose. It can not only be used for speech reinforcement in venues, but also for literary and artistic performances. For the large-scale live performance of the audio system, the electric power is tens of thousands of watts less, more than hundreds of thousands of watts. Therefore, it is necessary to use high-power loudspeakers and power amplifiers. There are certain requirements in the system configuration and equipment selection. At the same time, attention should be paid to the load problem of power lines.

D.Pa speaker system for conference rooms, lecture halls, etc.

This kind of system is usually set up as a dual-purpose system of background music and emergency broadcasting provided by pa speaker system, but because of its particularity, it is often set up separately in conference rooms and lecture halls. For higher requirements or international conference halls, special audio-visual systems, such as simultaneous interpretation system, conference voting system and large screen projection television, need to be designed separately.

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