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Technical Requirements for the Installation of Speakers in Pa Speaker System

1. How to calculate the effective coverage area of the sound field?

The layout design of loudspeaker should be overall considerable, which is based on the shape of the service area, space height, ambient noise and the maximum sound pressure level of the loudspeaker. In addition, the outdoor sound reinforcement system is also affected by climate conditions, wind direction, and environmental interference.

Distributed sound supply system can obtain a uniform sound field. Because of the close distance between loudspeakers and audiences, it can maintain a higher acoustic energy ratio between direct and reverberation, and obtain better clarity under the condition of long reverberation time, so it is not easy to cause echo problems.

There are three forms of decentralized sound supply system: the first is the decentralized sound supply of ceiling loudspeaker unit; the second is the decentralized sound supply system of the sound column or speaker unit, and the third is the mixed decentralized sound supply system.

II. The Match Relation between Loudspeaker and Power Amplifier
Whether the loudspeaker's performance can be brought into full play depends mainly on its driving amplifier, i.e. power amplifier. The main technical indicators of the power amplifier are output power, non-linear distortion, frequency response and so on. The undistorted output power of the amplifier should be no less than the sum of the rated power of the loudspeaker, and 1.2-2.0 times is the best choice. When the output power of the power amplifier is too large, it is easy to damage the loudspeaker and waste investment, which is easy to understand, but the harm of insufficient power is often ignored. When the power of the power amplifier is insufficient, the system can easily enter the saturation state, which leads to serious distortion and protection of the power amplifier. Particularly noteworthy is that once the power amplifier produces the top-cutting distortion, in addition to endangering the power amplifier itself, it will also derive a large number of high-frequency components, which will easily destroy the high-frequency unit in the loudspeaker.

2.How to Install Circuits
Because of the long transmission distance of pa speaker system, constant voltage output input transmission mode is widely used. In order to ensure that the number does not cause too much attenuation on the line, reasonable selection should be made according to transmission power, transmission distance, and connection mode when installing the line. In order to meet the requirements of fire protection, iron or flame retardant PVC is used in pipelines.

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