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The Best Meeting Room Microphone(2)

3.Natural voice
A carefully selected meeting room microphone system can improve voice clarity and make meetings easier and less boring. Delegates no longer need to raise their voices to make themselves heard across the table.

However, if the meeting time is longer, the voice from the system must sound natural and balanced. High-frequency sounds should be well controlled and uniform, while low-frequency sounds should sound warm but not excessive. At the same time, we can not pick up too much reverberation caused by the room acoustic environment.

The unnatural voice of the meeting room microphone will soon make the listener feel unhappy and cause hearing fatigue.

4.Freedom of movement
What happens if the speaker turns to the person sitting next to him while he is speaking? What if he gets up from his seat on the spur of the moment and continues to speak? What if the speaker is very relaxed and sits back to back in his chair?

The meeting room microphone must be able to handle all these situations: the distance between the speaker and the microphone has changed, and the orientation of the speaker has changed, too. Some types of meeting room microphones handle these changes better than others.

5.Language Privacy
This is a meeting room with a microphone. Need we consider language privacy? In fact, if you are listening to someone's speech and suddenly hear the voice of the person next to him communicating with others, it is very annoying. As you can imagine, this is also a very embarrassing situation.

The directivity of the microphone largely determines the degree of "isolation" between the speaker's voice and all other voices.

6.Aesthetic perception
Although everyone has different perceptions of beauty, there is the fact that some types of meeting room microphones are more prominent than others. Less conspicuous microphones perform less well in terms of ambient noise pickup and language privacy, while more obtrusive and conspicuous microphones perform better in these areas.

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