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Composition of Digital Conference System (II)

As three systems about digital conference system have been mentioned, then we continue to add two systems for you:


1. Monitoring and alarm subsystem

Monitoring equipment of digital conference system include cameras at the head end, sound pick-up equipment and monitors at the end, hard disk video recorders or long-term video recorders. It can collect and record audios and videos in the venue. On the one hand, it can monitor the internal situation of the venue for later use. On the other hand, it can also send part of the signals to the transliteration room to improve the accuracy of the translator's translation.The camera should have the function of audio-visual linkage, which can automatically track the conference microphones being used in the venue, and take the speakers into the screen to meet the needs of live broadcast and simultaneous interpretation.


2. Network accessing subsystem

Network accessing subsystem uses normal communication network and computer network as its operating environment, and the central control equipment connected to the main venue and branch venues realizes the function of multipoint digital conferences in local and wide areas, and can further support electronic whiteboard dialogue during the meeting and support voice, data and image file transmission.Video network access methods are different, and the technologies and transmission speeds used are also different.


There are other auxiliary equipments, which can also play a cooperative role in digital conference. Here are a few simple examples.

(1) Electronic whiteboard: It can be used as convenient as normal whiteboard,and you can instantly print out the written content through the printer that comes with the whiteboard.

(2) Motorized screen: To cooperate with projector to use to obtain large image with higher quality.

(3) Scene lighting: To cooperate with the meeting for on-site environmental regulation.

(4) Electric curtain: To cooperate with the meeting for on-site environmental regulation.


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