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Introduction of Wall Mounted Active Speakers

Wall mounted active speaker box is a whole set of sound system, which consists of a sound source input device, a signal amplifier (power amplifier) and wall mounted speaker. Wall mounted sound: it is a kind of ultra-thin sound box which is effectively combined by mural painting and sound box, (that is: it looks like a painting, sounds like a song. Music is issued directly from the picture, and it is a sound box without a trumpet). It is an ideal choice for family audio and video. How to make a sound: make sound by activating the bending wave in the sound plate by the exciter (driver). It is known that the speaker box is a component part of the sound system, but the sound system is a complete system consisting of a power amplifier, a circumferential device (including a voltage limiter, an effector, an equalizer, a VCD, a DVD, etc.), a speaker (a speaker, a speaker) tuner, a microphone, a display device, and so on.

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