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Handling of Common Problems in Conference Audio System

1. The voice is light during the audio conversation.

This is mainly reflected in the other side's voice is very light, it is necessary to be strong enough to hear what the other side is talking about. Generally speaking, the problem lies in the acquisition of sound. We can test our speakers first, and use local computers to test the playback to see if the volume of the playback is large enough. If we determine that the downlink of our audio is normal, we can basically judge that the problem lies in the upstream. It is generally possible to adjust the volume of equipment input (recording), which requires special signature. It is to adjust the volume of recording. In fact, many people only adjust the sound of the speaker, but do not know how to adjust the volume of the recording. Most of the time the voice has been quiet, but when the other side adjusts the volume of the recording, most of them are mistuned.

2. Noise is high in the process of audio communication.

Noise has two main effects. One is that there may be noise sources such as fans and air conditioners during the meeting. Normally, conference audio systems do not have special noise processing, which leads to noise pickup. Secondly, the audio is up-going, and the volume of the recording is too large, which leads to the acquisition of a larger sound in slight movements, causing noise. Of course, sometimes there are some functions in the conference software, such as noise reduction, etc. When the function is turned on, it is easy to cause noise if it conflicts with the software.

3. Be able to hear your voice during video conferencing

During videoconferencing, we find that we can hear our voices and send them back. For example, when many mobile phones are hands-free, it is very easy to have this kind of situation. This kind of problem is mainly that the audio equipment is not well chosen. Although the video conferencing software now has the function of eliminating echo, none of them can really eliminate echo, so it needs the audio equipment of the back and front end to match. If the condition is limited, the sensitivity of audio input equipment can be reduced, the space distance of pickup equipment and loudspeaker can be increased, the sound can be reduced and the echo can be improved by distance effect.

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