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How to Choose And Buy Wall Mounted PA System

Radio and emergency broadcast (fire broadcasting) system on the set are different, so also have differences in equipment design planning. Therefore, for choosing and buying of wall mounted pa system, it can learn some important skills, and it undoubtedly gives a strong backing for the public broadcasting system in the future durability and operation convenience. 

Fixed pressure wall mounted pa system: all schools and enterprises and public places can be used, schools mainly in classrooms, playgrounds, canteens, libraries, dormitories, corridors, campus lawn, and other areas using fixed pressure pa system. 

Wall mounted FM radio: mainly for the need to choose places to listen to different programs, such as classroom, library, dormitory, school is mainly in the classroom the FM radio system, in order to meet the requirements of listening training and test, such as during morning independent study time, one, two, three grade in English listening training, need to listen to all grade hearing training content related to the course grade. At present, there are more FM broadcasting modes in junior middle schools and senior middle schools, and more than three to ten listening channels. 

Assure the radio: based on campus network broadcasting digital network, due to the use of the existing lines, no wiring, easy construction, through the optical fiber transmission distance is far, network broadcasting system functionality is more, remote login management easy, partition number principle is not restricted, mainly with the switch port number is associated with server performance.

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