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How to Use the Conference System in the Education Industry?

1. Remote conference and training of the conference system


Holding various work conferences and teacher training remotely through the Internet is the basic application of audio and video conference systems in the education industry. Based on the application, leaders can communicate "face-to-face" without leaving home, and teachers can participate in various trainings without leaving home, which greatly saves the organization time and cost of meetings and training, and improves the efficiency of communication and learning.

2. Remote interactive teaching of conference system


Among the many remote education models, the remote interactive teaching based on video conferencing is the most advanced and most popular model. It can restore and simulate the real classroom teaching environment to the greatest extent. Preaching, dispelling doubts, and solving puzzles, teachers and students can interact and communicate in real time.

Today, with a dazzling array of education and training projects, the distance education of the audio conference system provides an innovative and low-cost education platform for small and medium-sized education and training institutions.

3. Remote observation and evaluation of the conference system

Traditional open classes and demonstration classes are mobilized by teachers, which can easily interfere with the normal teaching order of the school. Based on the audio and video conferencing system, the higher education authorities and the leaders of the school can fully and objectively understand the teaching in the classroom without going to the teaching site. The actual situation is to inspect the teaching level of teachers, check and evaluate whether the effects of teaching activities meet the requirements of training goals, and provide information and basis for carrying out teaching reforms and optimizing teaching quality.

4. Cross-regional cooperation in the conference system


In recent years, the use of audio and video conferencing systems to achieve cross-regional cooperation has increased in the education industry. The audio conferencing system breaks regional restrictions. Various schools and scientific research institutions in different districts, counties, provinces, cities, and countries can establish new communication channels based on video conferencing, and jointly organize training, teaching, and scientific research and other cooperation.

5. Online streaming media teaching of the conference system


In the aforementioned remote interactive teaching, the entire teaching process and all the teaching content can be simultaneously broadcast live to the school's campus network, and all students in the school can watch the teaching content in real time through the PC terminal.

Moreover, the above content can also be recorded synchronously through the recording and broadcasting software provided by the audio and video conference system, and published on the Internet after class for students to download on demand.

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