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Reliability of Ip Pa System (I)

Ip pa system has become the mainstream application scheme of the broadcasting system. However, the most worrying problem for users of ip pa system is the reliability of the system. The company's ip pa system perfectly solves the system reliability and security problems of it.

Ip pa system uses the scheme of "system server + warm backup" to make it more reliable and secure. The system server is the management core of ip pa system. a warm backup host can manage the whole broadcasting system independently of the server when the server hardware or software problems occur.

ip pa system Server


The core equipment of the system is installed in the main control room and manages all terminals in the broadcasting system through system software.


1)Professional rack industrial computer box design, using steel structure, has a high anti-magnetic, dust, anti-impact ability.

2)12-inch industrial-grade reinforced touch screen, simple and easy to use touch screen control.

3) Built-in large capacity hard disk, with anti-vibration, anti-fall, fast reading and writing speed, low power consumption, and other characteristics.

4)Industrial grade special motherboard design, faster processing speed, stronger operation performance, suitable for long-term operation.

5) After installing the broadcasting system server software, the management and control center of the ip pa system is formed, which controls the sound source signals, distributes the broadcasting area and configures the terminal information of the broadcasting system.

6) According to the electronic map formed by the service software, the real-time situation of each broadcasting terminal can be viewed and controlled.

7) Standard RJ45 network interface, where there is an Ethernet port, can be accessed to support cross-segment and cross-routing.

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