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Analysis of Development Direction of Digital Conference System

The main development directions of future digital conference system are as follows:
A. The application of streaming media technology.
The so-called streaming media refers to the media format that is played on the Internet by streaming transmission. Streaming media, also known as streaming media, refers to a business video transmission server to send programs as data packets to the network. After the user decompresses the data through the decompression device, the program will be displayed as before sending.

With the full application of streaming media technology, people can directly input voice when chatting online. If you want to see each other's face and expression, as long as each side has a camera on it; When you see something interesting on the internet, the image of the commentator and the product will pop up after clicking on it, and more realistic video news will appear. At present, people in the industry generally believe that streaming media technology will be more and more used in digital conference system, and the integration of the two will create a broad application space.

B. Wireless transmission and mobile digital conference system.
With the development of wireless technology, the application of wireless transmission technology is more and more accepted by all walks of life. The development of conference system will gradually get rid of the shackles of wires and enter the era of free and wireless. Wireless is considered as a major development trend of digital conference system.

With the application of wireless access technology and the popularization of WLAN, mobile digital conference system will gradually emerge. Anywhere, people can find information about their location, deal with office or personal matters. With the high coverage of mobile communication networks, high-speed wireless networks and various types of mobile information terminals, mobile technology has opened up a broad space for mobile interaction. Mobile technology application is undergoing a new change, which will drive the next wave of information technology development. The application service of mobile digital conference system anytime and anywhere will be highly respected.

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