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Common Problems And Solutions of Meeting Room Speaker System

1. Common interference for meeting room speaker system

The interference generated by the audio signal during transmission is manifold. Commonly, it includes Power interference, inter-device interference, lighting interference, etc. Power interference: it is caused by bad power grounding, bad ground contact and impedance mismatch between equipment, power supply without "purification", audio line and AC wire same pipe, same channel or bridge frame. All of them will produce clutter interference to audio signal, forming low-frequency AC "buzzing" sound.

Meeting Room Speaker System

2. Solutions for meeting room speaker system

The sound reduction of video conferencing should be based on the theoretical knowledge of acoustics and the flexible adjustment of the mixer and equalizer according to the different actual conditions, processing and beautifying the sound, making up the defects of the sound field, creating an ideal acoustic environment. Adjust the compression limiter appropriately, when the sudden large peak signal is not overloaded and has no distortion at the same time, avoid compression of the limiter for a long time in the compressed state, so that the sound link can achieve the smooth and round effect. For power interference, the following solutions can be taken:

1. Increase the power supply filter, use harmonic circuit to remove harmonics and "purify" the output power.
2. The input and output lines of the signal should be separated from the power supply lines, and can not be arranged in parallel.
3. Using twisted pair power cord, the total flux produced by two conductors is offset. To sum up, to make the video conference better, it is necessary to improve the aesthetic appreciation and artistic accomplishment of the sound, and to conceive and creative the reduction of the sound, so as to improve the artistic expressive force of the sound.

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