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The Development of the Conference System in the Education Industry

1. The conference system is widely used in the education industry

With the gradual improvement of IT infrastructure, education informatization is entering the second stage. The popularization and strengthening of IT applications is mainly reflected in the effective improvement of the application level of information systems and the development of personalized functions.


Among them, the most typical is the video conference. As an intuitive, efficient, timely, and low-cost remote communication tool, the video conferencing system is becoming a wonderful work of educational information application, extending to teaching, collaboration, management and other levels.


Including remote meetings and training, remote interactive teaching, remote observation and evaluation, cross-regional cooperation, online streaming media teaching, etc. The conference system, excellent video and voice communication, perfect data sharing function, convenient operation mode and low price provide a high-quality Internet platform for the application of the education industry and the development of distance education by video conference.

2. The significance of the education industry in the conference system

Conceptually, the technical problems of real-time distance education have been solved, and non-real-time distance education can rely on high-quality transmission media streams.


The comprehensive solution for distance education of the conference system is a combination of real-time and non-real-time applications. The concepts applied to distance education teaching and teaching methods will also have new developments.


It is foreseeable that the two-way real-time teaching system established by the video conference system will definitely become an indispensable and important teaching method for the development of distance education.

We hope that there will be a wider and cheaper network environment for teaching units, and we will develop terminal equipment specifically adapted to the requirements of distance education. The active development of distance education will bring more people the opportunity to receive education and cultivate more talents for the society.

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