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Video wall Conference System & 5G WiFi Intelligent Conference Room

Video wall Conference System&5G WiFi Intelligent Conference Room

(5G WiFi Conference System+4K Distributed Audio&Video Management System)

1.Solution Description

With the progress of society, the intelligent conference system has gradually shifted single conference to multi- cross-regional ones. With the distributed conference system, the industry's all-IP conference solution is developed, and the audio, video and control signals are transmitted, managed and controlled through the network by the input and output nodes and distributed control software distributed in the conference room, realizing the information sharing among conference rooms, enterprises and between individuals and enterprises.

Disadvantages of Traditional Conference System
● Meeting rooms are large in quantity, separated in locations, and scattered in signal sources.
● Conference system, structure and functions are complicated
● The wiring is complex  with many cables
● Conference equipment is poor in performance, scalability and predictability
● Large in management consuming resources and troublesome in maintenance trouble

Advantages of Intelligent Distributed Conference System

● Decentralized access, unified management, flexible system expansion
● Visualized touch control and convenient reservation
● Stronger anti-interference capability, greater bandwidth and faster transmission speed
● High confidentiality encryption technology ensures meeting privacy and avoids eavesdropping and malicious interference
● For system wiring, network cable can be pre-buried , or via wireless transmission (5G WiFi conference system), easy to install, use and maintain, free from restriction on the place, space and wiring

There are 3 sub-system included in our intelligent conference system as follows:

5G WiFi Conference System (D7201/D7301)
4K Distributed Audio&Video Management System (D6900)
● Audio System (Mixer, AMP, Speaker)

5G WiFi Conference System (D7201/D7301)
Wireless Conference System far outweighs Traditional Conference System in terms of the need of multi-functional hall, press conference hall, temporary venue,  etc., which can be quickly and easily set up and shifted.
With the development of technology and advent of Internet era, the rate of smartphone ownership is almost 100%, combined with WIFI technology, communication is more convenient.

Diagram of Paperless Conference System(D7201/D7301)

4K Distributed Audio&Video Management System (D6900)

The signal interconnection can be achieved between each area in the system, the signal of each meeting room can be retrieved in real time, the signal of all meeting rooms can be monitored and dispatched in real time by the machine room, and the equipment in each meeting room can be controlled in real time.The signal interconnection can be achieved between each area in the system, the signal of each meeting room can be retrieved in real time, the signal of all meeting rooms can be monitored and dispatched in real time by the machine room, and the equipment in each meeting room can be controlled in real time. Users only need to take the wireless device to conduct linkage control and real-time scheduling of signal sources in different zones, regardless of the signal source or peripheral equipment. No compression, no loss, no delay transmission makes the conference room less in cost, user-friendly in management from construction, management, control to after-sales service.

Diagram of Central Control System(D6900)

Audio System (Mixer, AMP, Speaker)

Sound reinforcement system, mainly composed of speakers, power amplifiers, mixers, microphones, audio sources, etc., is applied in meetings, speeches, reports, etc. As professional audio processing equipment, mixer and audio processor keep voice clear, distortion free and no acoustic feedback whistling, etc. Combined with the suitable speaker, so that the sound pressure margin is sufficient, sound field distribution is balanced and sound and image positioning are accurate.

2.Overall system connection diagram

3.System Functions

5G WiFi conference system section
● High confidentiality encryption technology
It adopts 128-bit AES encryption and WPA/WPA2 wireless security technologies to guarantee the confidentiality of meeting information
● Highly reliable transmission technology
Using the 5GHz communication frequency band, it has stronger bandwidth and communication speed, with good resistance to electric wave and electromagnetic interference, ensuring faster and stable wireless signal transmission.
● High-fidelity sound quality, no-latency transmission
It adopts uncompressed audio transmission technology, with 20Hz-20kHz perfect sound quality, 48K sampling rate; The no-latency Dante-based conference system seamlessly integrates with the 5G WiFi wireless conference system.
● Noise suppression processing
The host is embedded with a high-performance quad-core CPU processor, adopts soft mixing digital audio processing technology, and has an ARM7 processing chip to effectively prevent sound from returning. The microphone has a built-in high-fidelity speaker, which is automatically muted when the microphone is turned on, and it is not easy to produce howling, ensuring the quality of the meeting.

4K IP-Based Distribution Matrix System section
● Intelligent reservation for more convenient conference
In the past, conflicts of meeting resources were frequent, such as different departments holding meetings in the same meeting room at the same time, which could cause embarrassment.The distributed meeting room reservation function perfectly solves the problem by supporting direct reservation on the mobile app. It automatically checks the usage time of meeting room, sending meeting notifications, retrieving the available meeting room in real time, and send warnings if there is conflict.
● Fully decentralized design for more securing intelligent control
The distributed system integrates central programmable control function, with single node used as independent central control. The system does not need CPU as it has AI logic management unit or environment control interface machine.  As each module control work independently, the module control failure will not affect the operation of the whole system, and only the faulty node needs to be dealt with, ensuring the stable operation of the whole system, and also facilitating system maintenance.
● Cross-network transmission teleconferencing
Managers can efficiently share and synchronize voice, video and data files in real time with teams and customers around the world with a simple operation through the touch panel interface. The distributed system supports interoperability of audio, video and control signals across the Internet, requiring only a 4G wireless network or regular broadband instead of dedicated network lines.

● Hierarchical rights management makes meetings more confidential and secure
The hierarchical right management function of the distributed system distinguishes administrators and operators, making it possible for simultaneous meeting operation and device and permission management on local or subordinate areas.It ensures that the operation authority is divided to the finest detail in order to meet the different customized needs.  Administrators at all levels can well grasp the degree of authority delegated to areas, greatly improving the confidentiality of the meeting.

● Visual touch control screen
The distributed system provides a reliable network connection between the touch screen and the controlled device. On the touch screen, the control status and the working environment condition of the controlled device can be viewed in real time. Feedback can be acquired from text, button status, image display, video monitoring, etc., to achieve more intuitive interaction between humans and machines. The user only needs to conduct one-key touch so that each channel audio and video signals in the form of any multi-screen can be displayed ion the large screen, achieving image roaming, overlay and zooming and other effects.

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