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System Composition and Characteristics of Digital Conference System

Digital conference system is a conference automation management system which integrates computer, communication, automatic control, multimedia, image, audio and other technologies. Digital conference system is generally composed of network subsystem, projection display subsystem, audio subsystem, monitoring subsystem, conference speech subsystem, lighting effect subsystem and central control subsystem. All systems are based on computer network, sharing data and control information, decentralized operation and centralized control, so that equipment operators can easily and quickly monitor and control all equipment. Its main characteristics are:

1. Digitalization. The internal transmission of the system is digital signal, and the microphone used by the participants adopts the "analog-digital" conversion technology. Most cell devices also use analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, so external analog devices (such as broadcasting, recording, wired or wireless audio devices, etc.) can directly access the digital system network through audio media interface.

2. Modularization. For any level of meeting, the corresponding system can be formed by modularizing the selection of equipment matching that meets the requirements. For the established system, more multimedia devices can be added and controlled by computer software to further expand the system.

Analysis of the development direction of digital conference system:
Digital conference system includes digital conference discussion system, digital conference voting system, conference subtitle system, IC card check-in system and conference video tracking system. The digital conference system integrates the independent subsystems of conference report, speech, voting, translation, video, audio, display and network access into an organic whole. The central control computer coordinates the work of each subsystem according to the conference agenda, provides the most accurate and immediate information and services for all kinds of large-scale meetings and remote meetings, and configures perfect management software, which can simplify venue equipment and expand functions at will.

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