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Cooperative Application of Visualization and Virtual Reality

Visualization is the theory, method and technology of using computer graphics and image processing technology to convert data into graphics or images and display them on the screen, and carry out interactive processing. Visualization technology was first used in computational science, and formed an important branch of visualization technology - Scientific Computing Visualization. Scientific computing visualization can make scientific data, including measured values, images or digital information involved in calculation, intuitive, graphical and image information, physical phenomena or quantities changing with time and space, present to researchers, so that they can observe, simulate and calculate.

Virtual reality (VR) is a high-tech emerging in recent years, also known as spiritual realm technology or artificial environment. Virtual reality is the use of computer simulation to create a three-dimensional virtual world, providing users with visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory simulation, so that users can experience the general situation, timely and unlimited observation of things in the three-dimensional space. Virtual reality is a new way for people to visualize and interact complex data through computers. Compared with the traditional man-machine interface and popular window operation, virtual reality has made a qualitative leap in technical thinking. The ideal virtual reality technology should have the perception function of human beings. Due to the limitation of related technology, especially sensor technology, the perception function of virtual reality technology is limited to vision, hearing, force, touch, motion and so on. When most multinational corporations and branches use the digital conference system, besides the conference function, virtual cooperation will be the most frequently used, such as remote project management, customer service, technical training, etc. This application is particularly obvious in knowledge-based enterprises. It is generally believed that visualization and virtual cooperation will become one of the core functions of digital conference system for enterprises.

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