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Sound Box Arrangement of Conference Room Audio System

When it comes to the arrangement of speakers in conference room speaker system, many people say that the main speaker should be supplemented with speakers. In fact, conference rooms are different from theaters, live performances and other professional audio occasions, for these performance venues, audio-visual positioning is very important. They want the unity of sound and image to make the audience feel that the sound comes from the stage.

For conference room amplification, the most important task is to let the audience hear and hear the speaker's speech, rather than care about where the voice comes from. It is not easy to realize the uniformity of sound field by adding a sound box to the main speaker. The uniform arrangement of wall-mounted speakers and ceiling horns can obviously improve the uniformity, clarity and sound transmission gain of the whole conference room. This is the first key point of conference sound reinforcement: decentralized multi-point arrangement.

DSPPA tells you that for decentralized multi-point arrangement, wall-mounted speakers and smallpox horns are usually used. By doing so, the sound field can be more uniform and the transmission gain can be greatly improved (the scream can be reduced). The wall-mounted speakers should be about 100W speakers, and the ceiling speakers should be about 50W and 4-inch or 6-inch speakers. If the power is too high, it is not necessary. If the power is too low, the sound pressure is not enough.

Multi-channel digital power amplifier is the best choice for power amplifier. One power amplifier pushes a speaker or smallpox horn (which is convenient to adjust the parameters of each speaker with a multi-channel processor as described below). Nowadays, many brands on the market have multi-channel power amplifiers, which have 4 channels, 8 channels and 16 channels. Now the conference room control center computer room, its space is small, but there are many equipment. If the traditional AB type dual-channel power amplifier is used, the fan noise is big, and the power amplifier occupies the cabinet space. If multi-channel digital power amplifier is selected, this problem can be solved very well.

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