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The Difference Between Digital Conference System and Intelligent Conference System

Conference system equipment generally consists of projection display equipment, central control equipment, conference speech equipment, loudspeaker equipment, monitoring equipment, lighting effect equipment, and network equipment. All systems use the computer network as the platform to share data and control information, decentralized operation, and centralized control, so that equipment operators can easily and simply monitor all equipment. Then, the difference between the digital conference system and the intelligent conference system can be seen from following aspects:

Ⅰ. The difference between a digital conference system and an intelligent conference system: meaning

1. Digital conference system: it is a conference system that integrates computer, communication, control, multimedia, image, audio and other technologies.


2. Intelligent conference system: It is the function of sign-in, voting, multi-language translation, on-site camera tracking for the meeting process, and manages the speech during the process, reaching the humanized high-tech level, so that the meeting can be controlled by one key.


Ⅱ. The difference between a digital conference system and an intelligent conference system: characteristics

1. Digital conference system: The internal transmission of the folding digital system is all digital signals, and the microphones used by the participants all adopt the "analog-to-digital" conversion technology.

Most unit devices also use analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, so external analog devices (such as broadcasting, recording, wired or wireless audio equipment) can directly enter the full digital conference system network through the audio media interface. Folding modularity for meetings with any level of requirements, you can choose equipment that meets the requirements through modularization and match them to form a corresponding system.

For the established conference system, more multimedia devices can also be added, and control can be implemented through computer software to further expand the system.


2. Intelligent conference system:

a. The integrated design makes all the equipment in the meeting room organically unified, thereby increasing the moderator's control over the entire meeting;

b. The intuitive and visual operation interface of the LCD touch screen makes the control of many devices simple and fast;

c. The integration of technology and intelligence fully reflects the high quality of modern conferences;

d. Standardized and systematic meeting configuration can contribute to the efficiency of corporate image improvement.


Ⅲ. The difference between a digital conference system and an intelligent conference system: composition

1. Digital conference system: It is composed of central control equipment, multimedia projection equipment, speech and simultaneous interpretation equipment (ie conference system in the general sense), monitoring and alarm equipment and network access equipment.


2. Intelligent conference system: It is composed of multimedia peripheral equipment, digital conference and simultaneous interpretation system, projection display and sound system, and AMX intelligent central control system.


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