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DSPPA Public Address System Applied in Yili Group, China

DSPPA Public Address System Applied in Yili Group, China

Yili Group has ranked among the world’s most successful dairy companies, and has consecutively ranked No.1 in the Asian dairy industry for several years. It is also the largest dairy company in China, and offers the most comprehensive range of products.

According to its own needs, the scientific research center of Yili Group decides to adopt DSPPA Network PA System and conference system to further improve the infrastructure construction of the center.

In order to meet the needs of the scientific research center, DSPPA has customized the public address system for the center based on actual situations. DSPPA products have been equipped in the archives building, comprehensive management area, financial building, meeting room and other places.

The scientific research center of Yili Group uses the latest DSPPA Network PA system, the 7
th generation network PA system.

DSPPA network PA system is a highly integrated and intelligent public address system based on computer network technology and modular structure. The system is in all digital transmission. And the transmission distance is more than ten kilometers with local area network as the main transmission medium, which solves the problems of poor sound quality, limited transmission distance and lack of interaction of traditional public address system.

DSPPA 2-way full range speaker

DSPPA Ceiling speaker

DSPPA Network speaker

In addition, the research center has adopted the DSPPA outdoor waterproof column speakers, height-adjustable ceiling speakers and other products which are with 6th grade water-resistant certification of China CEPREI.

System connection diagram

DSPPA is willing to go hand in hand with Yili group to bring more impressive results to Chinese dairy products!

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