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D6564 Professional TwoWay Loudspeaker ( Version 1 )


● Inverted low-frequency radiation two-way full-frequency system, high resolution, fast transient performance, good high-frequency prolongation.
● The mask uses perforated metal mesh behind sound-absorbing cotton, beautiful and generous
● Unique treble speaker DTT (vibrating treble technology) designed with advanced technology, treble is clear and bright.
● The bass speaker uses a reinforced carton diaphragm, with unique magnetic loop technology to provide full and stable bass reproduction, and long lasting and stable sound characteristics
● The speaker shell is made of birch plywood using a non-resonant box, the surface is sprayed with water paint, black stain treatment, effective anti-resonance, anti-slip and anti-scratch, high durability, can be hung installation.

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D6564 is a professional two way loudspeaker. It matched with 10 inches bass and 1 inch treble drivers, which gives clear and sonorous sounds. This speaker is designed of wide frequency response (48 Hz-18,000Hz); it is of high quality and can ensure long-term durability, and will never be out of shape.
It is an ideal choice for karaoke room, live show, conference events, shopping malls and other small high fidelity amplification places.


D6564 ( Version 1 )

Full Range

LF: 1x10", HF: 1x 1"


48Hz -18,000Hz

Sensitivity (1m,1W)

96dB ±2dB

Max sound Pressure Level

119dB ±2dB

Input Inpedance

Rated Power

250W(RMS)/ 500W(Pro)/1000W(Peak)/ 8Ohm

Shell material

Birch plywood shell and covered with glossy paint to treat

the speaker surface

Directivity (H×V)

90°H x 40°V

Input Connector

2 x NeutrikNL4

Dimension (HxWxD)




Additional accessories

You can use a wall-mounted speaker stand or a portable

speaker stand

D6564 Professional TwoWay Loudspeaker ( Version 1 )

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