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IP Network Audio Terminal

  • MAG6402  Network PA System On-Demand TerminalMAG6402 Network PA System On-Demand TerminalNovember 30, 2016The network PA system on-demand terminal MAG6402 is a touch panel with luxurious design and TFT true color screen display. It is equipped with the basic operation function of the host, including sound...view
  • MAG6804 4 Channel Network System Audio TerminalMAG6804 4 Channel Network System Audio TerminalNovember 30, 2016Network PA system is based on internet and built in modules and layers. It is an integrated and intelligent PA system. The system is digital transmission and realized by Lan. The transmission distance...view
  • MAG6419 IP Network Terminal with Built-in AmplifierMAG6419 IP Network Terminal with Built-in AmplifierAugust 30, 2017MAG6419 network wireless remote control terminal is consisted of MAG6419A network PA terminal and MAG6419B wireless remote control receiver module and wireless remote control. Applicable to our networ...view
  • MAG6310 2x15W IP Network Terminal with AmplifierMAG6310 2x15W IP Network Terminal with AmplifierMarch 14, 2017MAG6310 Network display system terminal is a network full digital signal processor based on TCP/IP protocol. With dual network interface design, it can be connect to anywhere the network reaches. Unde...view
  • MAG6505 Network industrial intercom terminalMAG6505 Network industrial intercom terminalAugust 30, 2017MAG6505 network industrial intercom terminal is a full-digital A/D conversion signal processor based on TCP / IP transmission protocol, dual network redundancy design, for wall mount use at any place....view
  • MAG6408 IP Network Column Alarm TerminalMAG6408 IP Network Column Alarm TerminalNovember 8, 2017IP Network Column Alarm Terminal MAG6408 is the network of all-digital analog signal processor based on TCP / IP transmission protocol, meanwhile the network for the signal transmission medium, with t...view
  • MAG6420 IP Control Panel with Bluetooth & MICMAG6420 IP Control Panel with Bluetooth & MICJune 27, 2019MAG6420Wireless IP Control Panel is a transmitting box with microphone, which is basedon Bluetooth transmission mode. It can realize Bluetooth broadcast function andcan be used in local broadcast, wir...view
  • MAG6405 IP Network Time CalibratorMAG6405 IP Network Time CalibratorNovember 8, 2017MAG6405 GPS calibration module is based on the need for an accurate clock source of the transmission box, the main realization of GPS school calibration function, telephone broadcasting, SMS broadcast...view
  • MAG6265 IP Network Video Intercom TerminalMAG6265 IP Network Video Intercom TerminalNovember 8, 2017The MAG6265 is a network visual intercom device for bi-directional intercom with the visual broadcast intercom management host. It can be used in LAN or WAN (depending on the actual situation) via net...view
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