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LRAS1530A Active Long Range Acoustic Device 150W


● Up to 600m intelligible sound transmission.
● The maximum sound pressure level is 138dB at a distance of 1m.
● Directional sound wave to avoid distortion caused by echo interference.
● Optimized driver and waveguide structure can easily pass through the siren, engine and crowd noises, and be clearly heard and understood.
● Main sound beam angle is +/-15°(@2.5KHz).
● Portable design and built-in Lithium battery, simple and flexible operations.
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This product is a portable long range directional acoustic transmitter. Featuring powerful sound intensity, high directivity and high intelligibility, this product can realize long range communication and deterrent warning. It is a multifunctional military-use device, which can be widely used in crowd management and dispersal, boundary warning, water surface communication, airport and other fields.
LRAS1530A Active Long Range Acoustic Device 150W

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