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MS2 UHF Wireless Microphone


● Phase compensation, distortion modification and dynamic extension making the circuit more stable, clear and high-fidelity sound, four styles of singing mode
● PLL integrated VCO phase-locked loop integrated control technology, RF signal performance more stable
● IR infrared automatic frequency matching and SCAN automatic frequency searching dual backup, SCAN fast and precise searching of frequency points without interference and frequency hopping
● Aluminum handle, anti-fall, anti-shock, durable and wearable
● With mute and non-mute functions. If the handle is stationary for 3 seconds, there is no sound output to prevent howling. If the handle is stationary for 5 seconds, it will automatically power off to save power. Long press for 10 seconds to cancel mute function.
● With adjustable power levels, 15mw and 30mw transmission intensity
● With SQ receiving intensity switch, 0-40m distance
● Creative 0-2K impedance matching adjustment function
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