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MS4 Series Microphone


● UHF super-high frequency band, more reliable than traditional VHF
● DPLL digital phase-locked loop, multiple signal channel Synthetic technology
● Advanced frequency matching technique
● LCD screen to display working status of receiver and transmitter

  • Introduction
  • Specification

DSPPA Audio MS4 Series UHF Wireless Microphone is Adopting UHF ultra-high frequency, less interference than traditional VHF band transmission and more reliable.  DPLL multichannel digital phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology to assure that in the 50 MHZ frequency range, with 250 KHZ channel spacing, to provide up to 200 channels to choose and it is convenient for several machines working at the same time, avoiding all kinds of interference;  Advanced automatic technology of frequency, even if the frequency of the transmitter and receiver are in confusion, just slightly press the transmitter, it will automatically track the lock frequency and adjust it to the same frequency band, easy to use; High-grade LCD screen, making the receiver and transmitter working condition be clear.

 Specifications of Conference Microphone


Freq Range


Freq Number


Freq Stability




RF Output


Audio bandwidth


T.H.D at 1kHz



2×1.5V AA Size, 4×1.5V AA Size

Battery life

8~15 hours

Specifications of Receiver


Freq Range


Freq Number


Oscillation Mode

PLL synthesized

Freq Stability


Receive Mode

Super heterodyne and twice mixed

Input Sensitivity


Audio Bandwidth


T.H.D at 1kHz


S/N Ratio


Audio Output

Balanced XLR and unbalanced6.35 socket

Power Supply


Consume Power


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