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PC1026I Impedance Detector


● It can detect the loudspeaker circuits of ten zones simultaneously.
● In case of short circuit of a certain zone, the device can cut off the output of this zone automatically.
● The accuracy of detection is optional, i.e., 2%, 5%, 10% and 20% respectively.
● The accuracy value can be setup through the jumpers.
● The maximum power capacity for each audio input and speaker output is 500W.
● The detection time for each circuit is less than or equal to 300ms.
● The detection results can be displayed by three-color LED in real-time.
● The system can be expanded by connecting 15 units of this device through the expansion interface.
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  • Specification
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PC1026I Circuit Detector is specially designed for the constant-voltage loudspeaker circuit. It can conduct the accurate on-line detection of the status of the loudspeaker circuit, ensure the good operation performance of the loudspeaker circuit and enable all information to be played smoothly under any circumstance, especially in case of emergency. It can be connected to the central control system by the expansion interface.

Number of zones for detecting

10 zones

Input voltage

0-100V for each zone

Maximum power for eachzone


Maximum total output power (10 zones)


Indication of indicator

Three-color LED indications: open circuit,
short circuit, normal, light load, heavy load, no load

Accuracy value of detection

2%, 5%, 10%, 20%

Time of detecting for each zone

≤ 300ms


AC fuse ×1(220V : F1AL, 110V : F1.5AL)


1.AC220V/110V 50/60Hz

2. DC24V

Outer Packing Size(mm)


Unit Size(mm)


Gross weight


Net weight


PC1026I Impedance Detector

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