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Classroom Audio System

DSPPA Classroom Audio System includes classroom speakers, classroom amplifiers and classroom microphones. The classroom speakers include active speakers such as DSP6608R and passive speakers such as DSP8064. The classroom amplifiers include mini mixer amplifier such as MP35U and lecturing amplifier MP6906. The classroom microphone includes wireless lecturing microphones and wired desk-top microphones.
  • Iteach Audio systemIteach Audio systemMarch 22, 2017iTeach Portable Voice Enhancement System puts you in control of your lesson. Wireless access and preset memory sengs make life easier and hassle-free.view
  • DSP6606R 2x30W Wall Mount Active Speaker with Wireless Mic ReceiverDSP6606R 2x30W Wall Mount Active Speaker with Wireless Mic ReceiverNovember 29, 2016DSP6606R is a multimedia wall mount speaker especially designed for teaching, including an active loudspeaker and a passive one.view
  • DSP6608 2x40W Active Stereo Wall Mount SpeakerDSP6608 2x40W Active Stereo Wall Mount SpeakerNovember 29, 2016DSP6608 is a multi-functional active public address system. It can be easily installed and deployed in areas where signal and power cabling is accessible.view
  • DSP6608R 2x40W Wall Mount Active Speaker with Wireless MicDSP6608R 2x40W Wall Mount Active Speaker with Wireless MicNovember 30, 2016DSP6608R is a multimedia wall mount speaker specially designed for teaching. It adopts anti-oxidation pure aluminum panel, fireproof and thickening ABS material for box design, safe and durable.view
  • EC-200 Paging MicrophoneEC-200 Paging MicrophoneNovember 30, 2016EC-200 is a 50~12000Hz Paging Microphone. Easy to use, suitable for different requirement. Output impedance is 200Ω. Support terminal plug & play function.view
  • MINI60 Digital Mini AmplifierMINI60 Digital Mini AmplifierNovember 30, 2016MINI60 is a small acoustic amplification system featured by simplicity and high cost performance, and applicable to the small-sized broadcast system, the background music in the small-sized supermarke...view
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